Giveaway Results: YAAY Bath & Foot Soak Trio Gift Set


Thank you for taking the time and effort to participate in our giveaway!

The Top Giveaway Winner not only receives the YAAY Bath & Foot Soak Trio Gift Set, but their 3 friends will also get one set each. Yaay!


Top Giveaway Winner:

  1. Hana Brown

Note: All four sets will be mailed to the winner.


Bonus! Some participants have accumulated multiple entry points by liking the post, following our multiple social accounts, subscribing to our Yaay Mail and also sharing the giveaway post. To recognise your efforts, we have randomly picked 7 winners from participants with the highest entry points. These winners will receive one (1) set each.

High Entry Point Winners:

  1. Rhiannon Cook
  2. Tracy Monahan
  3. Michelle Weston
  4. Gayle Richardson
  5. Dave Bray Brooke
  6. Carly Ann Young
  7. Silvana Rossington

To all winners, we will be e-mailing you about the prizes and delivery details. Please check your inbox (including spam). If you have not received any email by 5 Dec 2020, please contact us using the contact form on the site.

Once we have collected delivery details from the winners, the prizes will be mailed out. Please note that prizes will be mailed out on 7 Dec 2020.


About the Bath & Foot Soak Trio Gift Set

One gift set continues 3 x packs of the Bath & Foot Soak (125g).
Sprinkle into a warm bath for a dreamy escape. Or, indulge in a relaxing foot soak...whichever makes you happier. Ingredients: Himalayan Pink Salt, Sea Salt and Epsom Salt infused with Lavender Essential Oil*, Lemongrass Essential Oil*, Organic Green Tea and Lemon Essential Oil*. Organic Lavender flowers. *100% Essential Oils. Use within 3 months of opening. For external use only. Handmade in Sydney.


All results are final. Full terms and conditions here.

Congratulations again and we hope you will all enjoy your YAAY Bath & Foot Soak Trio Gift Set!


Celebrating you,