How can I make changes to my order?
You can update your message, delivery address and recipient name. However, please notify us of any mistakes or updates within 2 hours as we endeavour to pack and deliver your item as soon as possible. Any request beyond the 2 hour period may result in your order being delivered using the original information supplied. 


I supplied the wrong address/recipient name

In the event that an incorrect delivery address or incorrect recipient name has been supplied and we the gift has been successfully received by an unintended person, we will not be held responsible.

In the event that the package is returned back to the YAAY HQ or warehouse, and a re-delivery is required, a re-delivery fee will be required. The package will only be re-delivered once the new delivery fee has been paid.


Can I cancel my order?

If your gift hasn’t left the YAAY HQ/warehouse, we can still cancel your order and offer store credit. However, we cannot cancel your order if it has already been dispatched.


I would like to order a large quantity of sets for my company's corporate gifts

YAAY! If your company would like to purchase our gift sets in large quantities, please reach out to us on our Contact Us page.

For corporate gifts, we can customise your greeting cards, add your business logo on the cards and even add your corporate branded items or additional items into our packages (pens, gift cards, diaries, notepads, etc.)